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Saturday, 18 December 2021

Photography: Fun Perspective Images

Since I couldn't take the perspective image on this computer I took it on my phone. After I took the photo I uploaded it to my drive and then uploaded it onto here to post on my blog. I hope you like my perspective photo that I took as much as me. Have a nice day everyone :)

Here is the photo I took on my phone.

I tried to make it seem as if the ball was growing bigger. 

Friday, 17 December 2021

Photography: Fun Perspective Images

I couldn't take the photos in real life because I don't have a camera on this computer and my chrome book is at school. So I just made a short slideshow witch has the perspective images I made. I hope you enjoy the slideshow and have a nice day :) 

Thursday, 16 December 2021

Lilimay Magic Maths Tricks Acitivity

 This is the slideshow that I finished just now. 

Summer Learning Journey


during the school holidays I will be posting completed work from the summer learning journey. 
Here is the link to the summer learning journey site:

My highlights for 2021

 Start of the year welcome 

After we were sorted from the hall where we had our first assembly for 2021. When we got to team 5 we got a big welcome from the year 8's students singing a waiata to welcome us. I felt nervous on the first day of school because I wanted to be in the same classroom as my friends. Then we all got sorted into our homeroom for this year. My assigned homeroom was room 5. When we all sat down in room 5 we played various games to try and get to know each other.

Tech at Tamaki College in 2021

Manaiakalani Movies/ Film Festival for 2021

After a few weeks we all settled into our classrooms for 2021 we found out what tech groups we were in for 2021. There are 4 tech groups you can be in and they are Stem, Cooking,Hard materials and Robotics. I was cooking for Term 1. For Term 4 I was in Hard Materials. 

Even Though we were in lock down during our film festival we still got to enjoy watching the manaiakalani movies at home all together on a google meet. My favourite manaiakalani movie was from room 1 with Mr. Moran and it's called Magnetic Meatballs. 

How I felt about 2021

2021 has been very tricky especially with covid 19 but I still managed to have a great time in Room 3 with my friends. I will miss all of my year 8 friends that are leaving to go to college next year. I'm looking forward to coming back in year 8 in 2022. 

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Have a great day everyone :) 

Monday, 6 December 2021

Puberty talk with Jana

Today a nice lady named Jana came and talked to us about how puberty. The boys did there puberty talk in the hall well us girls were in the street for our puberty talk. During our puberty talk with the girls we learned about how our bodies change through out puberty and how boys puberty are different to us girls.